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Real Banking Interview Questions Asked by Viva Board of Bank

These are the real interview questions asked by the bank interview board:

1. If you had two job offers at the same time – what would be the one deciding factor for your choice?

2. what do you think are you perfect for this position and why?

3. Which project are you doing in your present company?Can you do it for us alone?

4. Are you ready for the job or not?

5. You are getting more salary than this position in an IT firm why you want to join in this Bank in less salary?

6. What can you do for us that someone else can’t?

7. Why do you want to work for us?

8. What salary do you want?

9. Why you want to do job in banking sector?

10. What are my expectations from this position and the organization?

11. Prove that you are the best one we are looking for.

12. What is money?

13. Why you choose our bank?

14. A short brief about yourself, evaluating the past degrees and the reasons that you applied for the job.

15. Are the problems in Stock Market of Bangladesh arising from supply side or from demand side? What and why do you think? Argue.

16. How and when Goodwill is generated and how does it reflect in Financial Statement?

17. a. Introduce yourself. b. Why have you applied for this job. c. Describe how you are going to add value to the organization. d.If you have anything to ask

18. What is your present work responsibilities?

19. How will you rate yourself in terms of service providing?

20. Why should we employ you?

21. What you are wish to be?

22. Why should we hire you as you don’t have any experience?

23. What is your salary expectation?

24. Can u analyze the Financial statement?

You can share with us the viva/interview questions you have faced in your real life.

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